Can I change what appears in the Roster?

Yes! Any number of different ways that are specific to your team.

First of all, you should know that custom fields can be included in your Roster, if you are interested in this, please read the F.A.Q. about that.

The rest of the options to customize the Roster are not found within the Theme Options, but instead are found in Team Roster > Roster Types. The advantage of those options being found here is that you can change the options depending on who is in that particular Roster. For example, you don’t want to have the same information represented for Players as well as Coaches, right? (Most Coaches aren’t too fond of you advertising their Age, Weight, or Grade!)

  • Within the WordPress admin, through the main menu, browse to¬†Team Roster > Roster Types.
  • Choose which Type you want to edit, for example Players. (Or you can create new ones)
  • You can edit its name, slug, and description, as well as these other pieces of information:
    • Roster Type Tabs Order: This will allow you to reorder the tabs however you would like them, for example to put Players in front of Coaches. Use a number like 1-5.
    • Order Items By: You can choose the order of how you want people listed on your Roster. By Date, Jersey Number, or Alphabetical. There’s even a custom option if you need it.
    • Item Order: Most people probably won’t need this, but just in case you do, you can reverse that order! For example, count down from the highest to the lowest Jersey number.
    • Display Roster Detail Page: If you don’t want a custom page for every person, then you can turn off those individual pages and just stick with the listing of people only.
    • Display Photo: If you’d rather not show off a mug shot of each of your players (some Coaches don’t want their photo on the website) then just uncheck this.
    • Display Number: If you don’t want to show off the Jersey/Uniform number of your people, you can do that.
    • Custom Fields: All of your custom fields will be listed here as well, so that you can turn them on/off depending on what Type of person is being displayed.