How Do I Use Home Banners?

The home page features large home banners that can display photos and newsworthy items for your team. They are very flexible to use, so it’s really up to you how you want to use this area of your home page.

Banner Usage:

  • Log into WordPress, and within the admin go to the Home Banners area.
  • This lists the home banners that you have created, you can Add New here.
  • Once you are in the editing screen, you have some fields:
    • Title – this is required, and may or may not be shown on the public version of your website depending on your settings below.
    • Featured Image – On the right of the screen, click Set featured image. This will open the default WordPress image selector. You can upload new photos or choose existing ones here. The recommended size is shown on the screen, and varies depending on your settings below.
    • Optional Text Box – This allows you to turn off the transparent black box with text inside of it. If you only want a photo and nothing else, turn this off.
    • Description – This is not required, but can be filled in if you desire. Keep it to one or two sentences or it will start to cover up too much of your photo!
    • Optional Actionable Button – As of version 1.2.0 of Sports Team Theme, you may add a linked button to the right of your banners. Once you check this box you have two more fields:
    • Action Button Link – The URL you want the button to link to.
    • Action Button Text – The words you want the button to say. This is limited to 22 characters. Keep it short and actionable, like: “Learn More”, “View Now”, “Register Today”, “Buy Now”, etc.
  • The order of home banners is set by their date.

Theme Options:

These options are found in the WordPress admin by going to the Theme Options area.

  • Home Banner Size – The home banners take up 2/3’s of the screen by default, but can be changed to take up the full width of the website if you desire. These full width banners are more impactful, but can be harder to crop your photos at such a wide aspect ratio.