How can I change the home page?

The home page is designed to be flexible for your team’s needs. When you first install the theme you will have the default settings, but here are some ways you can change those:


The widgets on the right side of the page, as well as along the bottom of the page like “Team Record”, “Team News”, and “Team Schedule” are all default widgets that appear if you have widgets set up. You go go into Appearance > Widgets and change them to be exactly what you’d like. There are many Widgets that come with WordPress, we won’t explain all of them, but you can learn more here. In addition, the theme adds 4 special widgets related to Sports Teams:

  • Team Record
  • Team Roster
  • Team News
  • Team Schedule

Each of these have been described more fully in this F.A.Q. if you want the specifics.

Home Banners

You can go into the Theme Options and change two settings related to the banners:

  • How many banners are shown: By changing this, you will limit the number of home banners that can ever be on the home page, even if more have been created.
  • Use full width banners: By using this capability you can change the home page banners from taking up 2/3’s of the width to taking up the entire width of the screen.


Finally, this isn’t specific to the home page, but you can customize the Main Menu using the WordPress menu manager, found in Appearance > Menus. You can learn more about that in this F.A.Q.