How can I translate the theme?

This project is made up of both a theme and a plugin, because of this there are two places that you’ll need to edit to fully translate it.

First, navigate to the wp-content/themes/sports-team-theme/lang folder with a sports-team-theme.pot file inside. You’ll want to duplicate this file and change it to pt_br.po or whatever your language/country codes are, which you can find out from this website.

Next, you’ll need to do the same thing in the wp-content/plugins/wp-sports-team/lang folder. Do the same thing as above with the wp-sports-team.pot file except this time is needs the name of the plugin within the file, like this: wp-sports-team-pt_br.po

Then you’ll want to go through these files and make translations. I would recommend using a tool like POEdit to do the translations.

Finally, you’ll need to edit your wp-config.php to include this line, which tells WordPress to use your translation files:

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_br’);

There are a few good tutorials out there if you have more questions.

If you want to contribute your translation, I would love to include it in a future version of the theme. Send me an email using the contact form! Thanks.