How do I use the custom sports widgets?

The theme comes with four additional widgets that are created just for sports teams. To use them, you’ll want to head to the WordPress widget manager in Appearance > Widgets.

Once there, you’ll notice on the right that there are five widgetized areas that are named like Home Top Right Area, etc. Each one of these represents a location within the theme, the names of them try to represent their locations.

You can add any widget to any of these widgetized areas, including the default ones and the specially created ones. I’ll explain what each one of the special ones does, and some of the options they have:

  • Team Record: This widget will display a count of games that have been tagged with Win, Loss, or Tie. You can choose which Schedule Type these come from, so if you need to separate conference vs. non-conference, or pre-season vs. regular season out, you can do this. Finally, you have the choice to leave out Ties if you so choose.
  • Team News: This will display a list of news headlines and their short excerpt. You can choose how many items you would like to appear, as well as decide which News Types (categories) you would like to pull the news from.
  • Team Roster: Using this widget you can display a number of people from your team roster. You could use this to display Team Captains, or Coaches, or Your top players. You have the choice to display their photo, or just their jersey/uniform number.
  • Team Schedule: This widget will help you to list events from the schedule section. Using this widget you could display upcoming games, recently played games, upcoming practices, etc. The options allow you to select from which Schedule Type (category) the events should be pulled from, as well as whether to pull future games or past games. Finally, you can choose whether you would like to display the results from those games, including the word “Win” or “Loss” and the score.