How Do I Add Multiple Seasons?

As of version 1.2.0 Sports Team Theme allows your team to add multiple Seasons. This gives your team the flexibility to keep archives of your teams from years past, but also update easily when its time to start a new season. The seasons functionality is tied primarily to the Team Roster and Team Schedule, it is not tied to the Home Banners, Team News, or Team Galleries, as they do not need this capability.

How do I use it?

  • When Sports Team Theme was first installed, it created a default Season for you. This was named by the season you installed (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter) and the year. For example: Summer 2015. Any people or events you created were automatically assigned to this season without you having to choose it.
  • Within the WordPress admin go to Team Roster > Seasons, or Team Schedule > Seasons. These areas both have the same functionality.
  • If you want to rename the default Season you may do that. Changing the name will not unlink all of the people and events that are currently assigned to this Season.
  • You may also create a new Season. As soon as you create a 2 or more seasons, several changes will happen on your site:
    • When you create a new person or event, you will now see a meta box on the right where you will need to choose which season this new player/game will be assigned to. This is no longer automatic.
    • When you view the Roster or Schedule pages on your public website, you will now see a tab on the right listing all of your seasons. Clicking on one of these seasons will allow you to view only that season’s people or events.
  • When you view the Roster or Schedule pages it automatically displays the Current Season’s Roster or Schedule. You can change the current season in the Theme Options area. Just click Theme Options > Current Season.
  • As you are editing an individual season, you may also add the Season Order. This will change the order in which the seasons appear in the tabbed dropdown on the public Roster and Schedule Pages.

If you have questions about this functionality or ideas for how to further improve it you are welcome to ask about them on our Contact page.