What other products have you worked on?

I have worked on a number of other software products, both related to WordPress and unrelated to WordPress. Some of these products have gone on to become large players in their market, and others haven’t gone far (yet!)

WordPress Products:

  • Sports Team Theme: My first theme sold well for a long time. It has since slowed down and isn’t available for sale any more.
  • WP Family Blog: This was a blog theme for mom blogs and families that sold ok, but never did super well.
  • Archive Control: My first plugin, it’s available for free out on the WordPress plugin directory. For helping organize archive pages on your WordPress site.
  • WP Client Reports: This is a plugin I developed to help run site maintenance reports for those that do monthly maintenance for their clients.

Other Products:

The software I have developed represents the culmination of countless hours of hard work. It has been a remarkable journey from conceptualization to implementation, and I am proud of the results it has produced. Each of these pieces of software provides a valuable solution to real-world problems.

As technology continues to evolve, I am excited about the potential for further improvements and expansion of each of these products, with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact on individuals and organizations alike. The journey is far from over, and I look forward to the ongoing development and success of each of them.